About us

Respiratory Research Foundation of India was started in 2001 with the idea of spreading information about all respiratory related illnesses and their treatment.

Since its inception in 2001, the organisation has been striving to :


* To spread the message that TB is curable, Asthma is controllable and smoking is an avoidable problem.
* To create Awareness on common respiratory illnesses and promote this noble cause amongst the community to Organize, Seminars, Lectures, Debates, Panel Discussions and research and conduct      TB, Asthma and Anti Smoking awareness programs
* To invite members of community via individuals, companies, philanthropists, charitable institutions, voluntary organizations and like minded people of the Respiratory Research Foundation of India         to augment its effort in creating awareness and healthy foundation in its efforts to cure people of the society suffering from respiratory problems
* To invite members of the community to support us by participation :
-By distributing information material on common respiratory and allergy problems.
-By organising seminars and lectures and sponsoring patients suffering from TB, Asthma, Smoking cancer or respiratory crippling illness.
-By sponsoring space in newspapers and magazines.
-By printing brochures, flyers and educational materials about common respiratory illnesses
* To join the foundation by becoming a Donor, a life member or a Annual Member of the Trust.
* To participate with articles and circulate the house magazine/bulletin/newsletter.
* To create awareness of “Respiratory Research Foundation of India” amongst friends relatives business associates in India and abroad inviting them to become donors or life members.


We at RRFINDIA strongly believe in our motto that “TB is curable Asthma is controllable Smoking is avoidable Lung cancer is preventable”


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